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Why do I Feel Tired All Time

Some simple tips to help you keep sharp and on your game.

Why am I tired

Fatigue and tiredness are sure fire indicators that you are working to hard or something is out of balance. Eventually if you don't ease up your body will force you to stop altogether. And you don't want that because if you ain't working, you ain't earning. Right!!! A place I have been more than a few times and hate to admit it but I could have avoided.


Yes, I know, you don't have time for this. Well then you need to change your timetable and make time. Even some basic exercise like going for a swift walk can help you maintain good output for the day. If you have to do some "brain" intensive work for a period of time, go for a quick, swift walk and get the heart rate up. If your on business trips, usually the Hotel will have a gym, make use of the treadmill. This will spur the brain to start producing endorphin's which can produce a natural high for your body. It can also help with things like low to moderate depression, helping to keep those harder days at bay and keeping the "black dog in his kennel". (If you have suffered depression you will know what I'm talking about here.)

Balanced work life.

You will only last for so long continually doing 70+ hours a week. Little johnny or little Susie needs recreational time away from the daily business to be able to maintain focus in the business in the long run. Sometimes a night out or a weekend away can totally reinvigorate you and recharge your batteries. You are able to focus for weeks afterwards. Reward yourself, take a weekend off and head away. Keep up with other interests away from work that give you a totally different focus. Make it a regular appointment, even if it's to go to a motel somewhere away from everything for a weekend and veg out in front of cable with room service or even better a hiking weekend.

 Family Time

For most, the reason you are working so hard is to give your family more but this becomes superfluous if your not around at all, working all the time. Spending time with you kids and loved ones can actually help to understand why you are working so hard when you do and provide balance. Remembering the goods times helps when times are hard.

Physical Ailments

Over a period of time I developed an irregular heartbeat, was not permanent but would come every so often and only when I had been missing to much sleep.  (Working 18+ hour days 🙁  ) I would wake with headaches and feel like I needed a sleep only after a few hours of work. Turns out I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. This is when the body is not getting enough "quality" sleep when it goes into the REM cycle because your breathing becomes shallow and sometimes you stop breathing for short periods of time. It can cause physical problems to your body. Exercise, diet and a CPAP breathing machine helped to sort this one out for me. It is still not fully sorted but as I learn to implement the things mentioned in this article, it has gotten much better and I become less reliant on the machine which is a bonus. If you are waking up still tired or with headaches, get along to your doctor and ask if you can be checked for sleep disorders. If you do have some sort of disorder you will be amazed how quickly this can be sorted once diagnosed and you will be back to 110%.


Sugars, sweets etc can be a "quick pump up" when you need it but on the flip side they also produce a "fast come down".  This is known as a "Sugar crash" or "Glucose crash". The body sees a spike in sugar or glucose and releases more insulin to handle it. This brings the glucose level down quickly resulting in the feeling of fatigue, the exact thing you were taking the sugar for in the first place. (Not for the reason that it tastes nice. 🙂 )  Some exercise straight after can help smooth that out and the body can tell that you are using some of that sugar and that it will not be sitting around in your blood stream.

All in all, for some, it mean a big change in life style. For others it is how they work every day. If you are feeling tired and fatigue and you are asking yourself why do I feel tired all the time, then get it addressed before you come to a complete halt.

Here is a video that details 7 things you should consider for a good nights sleep.

Part 2 - Sleep Phase Alarm Clocks


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