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What is “Influencer marketing”?

And she tell one person and they will tell two people and so on and so on and so on.

Word of mouth

Marketing is getting your message out about you and your business. It can drive your business up. But it can also cost you a lot of $$$. A study was done by a company in New Zealand that costed out the cost of gaining a new customer as opposed to retaining an existing customer. By looking after their existing customers and providing incentives to said customers to bring their friends with them, the company was able to get the new penetration and signups for 1/8th of the cost.

We don't all have multi-million dollar marketing budgets to get our message or service out there but there's still hope for you yet as you don't need mega dollars or even a marketing degree to get them same market penetration.

Influencer Marketing.

This is by far the most effective and cheapest form of marketing any business can utilize and by nature, you should already be using it.  Although it doesn't cost much in money terms, it does cost in sweat equity.  You've heard the old saying "Words can kill as good as a gun.". Your customer can make or break your business just with their comments about your business.

The key to influencer marketing is developing the relationship with each and every customer on a person level. Just like the TV ad goes, "and they will tell 2 people, who will tell two people" and on and on. That's the theory anyway. 🙂

Good old fashion service

By giving the best service you can and being polite, the customer will come to expect this from you and when ever something comes up for them that you fit the job, they will turn to you straight away.

Value for money

This does not mean running "bargain basement" sales and prices. This means they feel like they are getting value for their dollar. Canvas you customers and ask them, are they happy with the service and value they get. This will tell you were you sit in terms of overall satisfaction.

Incentives to bring friends and family

Identifying and running programs that encourage existing customers to bring family and friends to your service is a great way to increase your base with minimal cost. Programs like a free month for each referal costs you very little to gain a new signup. Competitions and affiliate programs also can also work well.

Social Media

When I first started using Facebook, I didn't understand why random people were wanting to connect and be friends with me. People I didn't know requesting to be friends hmmmm.

Then I came to understand the power of Social media and how it can facilitate connecting to new customers. Today, through social media channels, stars and actors can connect directly with their fans. This is now allowing them to market directly to their fans without the need for distribution and record companies. It also provides a path for feedback from the fan This is the same for your business. Just through one of your contacts that want's to tell their "friends" about you, you could gain more customers with no effort at all. Now I understand why randoms want to be my friend. 🙂


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