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What is Google Update

Keep your Google products up to date all the time!!!

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If you use google products, you will want to read a bit more here. Hackers and naughty people take advantage of bugs and exploits in software to gain access to your computer. This is why you need to keep your computer up to date and running good virus detection software all the time. To view information about virus protection, Click Here.


Google update.

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Code named Omaha, Google have an open sourced utility available for both Windows & Mac OS X that will find all Google services that are installed on your computer, including Chrome and Google Earth and keep them up to date. It runs in the background and comes free as part of the Google Chrome installation.

It has received mixed reactions due to the nature of the way it maintains and applies updates. It applies them directly not giving the owner a choice to reject the updates. For some this is considered a bugbear in that they are not controlling what is being installing on their computer. For others, who only want to keep up to date with the minimum of fuss, this is a god send. Really comes down to how much to you trust the updates that Google are supplying. Personally, I let the updates take place rather than losing possibly days trying to fix some sort of compromise. Hackers are quicker than most in utilizing the holes in your system and you may find they have been and gone by the time you even know you have a problem. This is speaking from experience. 🙁

Here is a video that talks about how Google chrome handles updates. Google Updater is the background program handling the update.


With compromises and bugs being found every minute of the day and being utilize to launch mischief and mayhem, utilities like Omaha help to keep things running smoothly.

One thing to keep an eye on is the amount of resource Omaha is using. If can be a bit resource intensive including CPU and memory if there is a lot of updates to process and may be the reason your computer has slowed down a bit. This should only be temporary but if it becomes a pain, you may want to suspend updater.

2 Comments on What is Google Update

  1. I’m a lover of chrome, but I really don’t like the idea of giving control of what comes on my PC over to some automation.

    I’m sure it’s all well-meaning, but that’s just my personal preference.

    Best wishes to you my friend and all the goals you have set.

  2. These google updates are usually for the better. The last one we have gave more rankings to those who had “Mobile Friendly” sites. hopefully in the future google figures out the best method for getting good information out there.

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

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