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What is Google Space

Explore space with Google Space!!!

Google Space

What is Google Space?

Not really a business function, but because I found it so blinkin interesting when I came across it while working on other Google articles I thought, what the heck, you guys might be interested in it as well as a bit of a distraction. 🙂

First of all Google Space is actually Google Sky and is a sub-system of Google earth. It comprises of more than one area of interest and it can viewed here.

In essence, Google Sky is a giant patchwork of intergalactic pictures that have been stitched together to form one flowing zoom able, scroll-able, searchable picture. What happens is Google receives a whole lot of photos from NASA from time to time that have been taken from the Hubble telescope, international space station and various other observatories around the world. The photos are hi-res photos as well as infrared and microwave. These are then stitched together to create virtual views and overlays of the galaxy in the same way that Google create maps from pictures of streets for Google maps. (Except they don't have someone driving around in a car all day and you won't see accidental pictures of semi naked people. Well supposedly not anyway, maybe ET. 🙂 )

The pictures from the likes of the Hubble telescope and the international space station are all hi-res pictures which allows a certain amount of zooming due to the hi pixel resolution they were taken in. You can also scroll in 360 degrees on both Axis-es to view any part of the galaxy you want. You can search for different galaxies and stars as well as constellations. Pretty cool eh. Google have taken deep space exploration to a new level for the average person. What will Google think of next?

Well, I'm glad you asked that as well as there are also 2 other sub-systems within this main system that make up Google Space.

So what is Google Moon?

Google MoonWell, I'm glad you asked that question. Google moon is the moon mapped out and scroll able just like your home city in Google maps.(Without streets of course) You can visit various parts of the moon and view what took place there. (That we mare mortals know of anyway) There is information on the various sites and Apollo missions that took place and the areas of the moon the missions were associated with.

To access Google Moon click on

So what is Google Mars?

Google Mars My, we are getting inquisitive aren't we. 🙂  As you can guess  after the previous 2 sections, yes Google have mapped mars  by creating maps using the recent unmanned probes and  satellites that were sent to mars and have been transmitting  pictures and data back on a regular basis. The pictures show  incredible detail on the terrain and structure of our nearest  neighbor a mere 225,300,000 kms away.
To access Google Mars click on to view.

Well I hope this little distraction was of interest to you it certainly was to me. I have included a video I found that discusses it in an overview format. There are more videos on YouTube that  go into more depth if you want to take a look at them including some unidentified objects found in some of the pictures. (Maybe it was ET heading home after that special phone call)

Ok, back to work, coffee break over.

8 Comments on What is Google Space

  1. I love Google Space. Thanks for the write up. I did not know about Google Moon or Google Mars. I love using the app and looking at the sky, pointing my phone to it, then zooming in. Just like I am looking through a telescope.

    • Yes, I have done that a few times as well, kids think I’m silly. 🙂
      Eclipse of the moon takes place tonight as well so will be watching out for that.

  2. Hi Steve, very interesting post indeed on Google Space. I’ve seen a few friend of mine playing around with it, and they seem to like it a lot. Maybe I should try one myself too. Thanks for sharing Steve 🙂


  3. hi Steven!
    I had no idea about Google Sky and its subsystems! But I have to say that they sound very cool! I know Google Earth (obviously, I don’t live under a rock….) but this seems like such a good way to see the universe and to see the unknown and what cannot usually be seen. Thank you for sharing this Steven!

  4. Hi Steve, wow..I didn’t know this even exists. I will go and try it immediately now.Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Now I know few more things and I am less ignorant. Thank you


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