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What is Google Photo

Easy edit your photos on Google drive ready for use!!!

Google Plus

What is Google Photo?

Came across this little gem a while back.

Google released an update to circles which allows you to edit your photos online and touch up or add major effects to them with ease. You can easily make your photo look old, or give it a vintage look, super highlight it or just touch it up.

It is so easy to use and is freely available on your Google+ login now.

How do I access it

myBizFreeStuff Google MenuSimply log into your Google Photos and locate the photo you want to do  some work on.mybizfreestuff - Control menu

You can also access directly via your Google Plus menu. This will take you to your photo  gallery on Google Plus where  you can view you photos and select which one you want to touch up or change.

Once you have found the photo you want to work on, open it up and you will be presented with your photo and a top menu. Click on Edit (second from the left) to start editing the selected photo.

One thing that is really great about this app is that it saves generations of files. This means you can step back to a previous version, right back to the original picture, even if you have saved your changes. This is great if your like me and get through changing a picture then decide that's not what you want. Click and your back to the original.


mybuzfreestuff - Chewwy Dog  Although it is no Photoshop or Illustrator, it  covers the main points and does a pretty good  job for a piece of free software.

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  1. Nice description on how to Create and gert access to Google Photos. Great Job!

  2. Hello there

    Did not know that there was a photo editor included inside G+ accounts.Nice … I wish there was such kind of editor for every social channel we use.!!


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