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What is Google Keyword Tool

Find those elusive magic keywords with Google's Keyword tool!!!

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This will appeal to all you bloggers and affiliate marketers out there who have been asking what is google keyword tool and how can I use it effectively.
First of all Google Keyword Tool is actually part of the Google Adword program and is a cool tool that is an add in. It is free and can be accessed at

You can use it to build ad campaigns or find keywords for webpage development. It has stats on how popular a keyword is with advertisers. Now this works in favor for anyone trying to identify Keywords for webpage ranking with good earning potential but more on this later.

Google Keyword Tool (GKT)

First up, you need to create a Google account to access this tool. Simplest way to achieve this is to follow the instructions here. If you already have a Gmail account then you already have access and can login with those credentials. Google run a universal login system. One login will give you access to most of Google's systems. (Not all, but most)

To access go to and click on Sign In located in the top right hand corner.
Login using your Google credentials. Once in, click on Tools then Keyword Planner then Search for new Keyword.
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Now that your in, you can then enter a desired keyword(s) in the search box.




For example, lets try entering "game of thrones" into the Search box then click Get Ideas.
Google will go off and find the number of searches for these keywords for the last 12 months and return the details and stats.


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As you can see from the results above, Game of thrones has an average of 10M+ searches via Google for March on the bar graph. There is a column that breaks down the keywords and shows other options based around your entered keyword(s). As you can see, the second entry, "game of thrones cast" has a lot of searches. The column next to it shows the perceived competition from Google's point of view in terms of advertisers using these keywords. High means there are a lot of advertisers using these keywords which creates competition among them. This in turn means high pay per clicks, (PPC) which also means more $$$ per click.

If you are an advertiser and planning to use keywords with a High rating for an advertising campaign, you will be paying a higher price for those keywords because they are in demand. Low means there is not much competition and so the price is lower as will the PPC. The column next to that incidators the expected price.
Our example shows a high search rate and low competition for "game of thrones cast". This is excellent if your looking to build an advertising campaign using these keywords for advertising as it will not cost you so much compared to the amount of traffic it will generate.

On the flip side, for a web developer who is using this tool to identify higher income keywords words, it indicates that any gain from advertising via adwords will be lower. The advertiser is paying less, so the ppc will be less. Sometimes volume and lower payouts actual work better. Getting the volume is the trick.

If you click on the Keyword tab it will give you some options and the average number of searches you can expect for each option. "game of thrones cast" looks really good. 450,000 searches a month and low competition.

Ok, we now how a volume indicator and competition indicator among the advertisers.

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Validating Keywords and identifying Search competition.

But we don't want to rely just on those stats to make our decision. They indicate that it is a great set of keywords to base a campaign off or build a set of webpages that have a lot of traffic but we need to independently verify the words and also understand the competition in the search space.

A totally unscientific way, but a way I still use, is to go to and do a quoted search (Basically the keywords inside a set of quotes) to see how many sites are returned. This is a good indicator of search competition and who they are for those keywords.

Another more accurate way I have come to rely on is a product called It is a search engine for keywords and actually works on the same principals but uses different metrics. It will not match the numbers of GKT exactly but it will show how good the keywords are and indicate the strength of the keywords as well as the overall trending and competing web sites from a web developer point of view. This will not only give a second view of the keywords potential but who else is using it. You can try it for free for 30 searches after creating a free account.



Here is a video that details the functions available in

Now you have all the information you need to make a decision. This is a brief introduction to GKT. Once you have your keywords you can move on to developing your page or ad campaign.

Here is the official tutorial from Google which you can view to get more in depth information about using GKT.

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  1. Very informative site definitely will be trying the Google key word tool thanks for the knowledge

  2. Hi Steve
    Cool tutorial. I haven’t used Google keyword Tool but this post is straightforward enough to follow if I wanted to us it at a later date. My preferred tool is really Jaaxy, since it’s simple and easy to use, and I get all the information that I need in one place.

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