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What is Google Drive About

Google Drive is one of the best cloud drives available!!!

Google Drive

What is Google drive about? This is an introduction which will explain this for you.

Google drive is Google's answer to cloud storage. If allows you to store and access files on Google servers. These can be anything from video to documents to graphic's files. Anything you want.

What is a cloud drive.

A cloud drive is a virtual drive that allows you to store Cloud iPadand share files as you wish out on the internet. Anything from video files to sound & music files to graphic's files can be stored here. There are usually utilities that allow the drive to look like a local drive on your computer also so you can interact with it like any other drive on your computer.

Why would I want to store files on a cloud drive anyway.

There may be many reasons for storing your files on a cloud drive but some of  the most obvious ones are:

- Backup your local files from your local drive so that if your computer crashes you have a backup copy.
- Share and access the same file across multiple devices.
- Share files with friend or family that you designate.
- Able to access from anywhere anytime.
- Security.

Won't I need a really big and fast internet connection.

Although speed is king with cloud drives and fibre optics would be preferred for heavy use. For general use an ADSL2+ connection is more than adequate. The uploads will take a bit longer but the downloading is fine.

If you are on a cap based plan, (i.e. You have x amount of gigabytes to use then you are changed) you may want to monitor your usage a bit closer as it can use a lot of your cap if you are moving a lot of files.

How do I access it.

The same credentials that you use to access Gmail, are used to access Google drive. This is true for other Google services as well. The one login allows you to accesses all the various Google services making it convenient and easy.

Go to and log in using your Google login. If you don't have one, click here to learn how to create one. Once in, you will be presented with a dashboard. This is your main google drive access portal.

What type of files can I store there.

Again, it is really up to you what you store there. The isDevices no   real restriction other than files with viruses. You have 15GB  available which can be shared between multiple devices such as you desktop, laptop, Android, iPhone or iPad as well as Google services like GMail which has the ability to save copies of emails and any attachments on your Google drive directly. If you require more than 15GB you can upgrade and purchase more easily.

Google Docs

Not to be out done by Redmond, Google docs is Google's answer to Microsoft's Office Online and comes free with Google drive. Google docs uses your Google drive as the base for online file editing. You can use docs to create and edit document files which can be saved to you Google drive, emailed and printed from your Google drive. You can create presentations using Google slides or create spreadsheets using Google sheets. There are more options including creating forms and integrating maps.

In Summary

Google drive is a great addition to your business. It will provide you with the ability to have a virtual office and be able to access your files anywhere at anytime. You can create and distribute documents at anytime, anywhere safely. It is a great addition to the Google services and has the great service and support that we have come to expect from Google.

I hope this has given you an incite into Google drive.
Below is a video that will show you some more of Google drive.

Now lets move on to some great tips & tricks for Google Drive.

8 Comments on What is Google Drive About

  1. Sounds good. I should try out Google drive to see how it goes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the great information, I can see how useful this will be to my online nonprofite company!

    • Hey Donald, yes, a simple way to stop your information. You can also encrypt the data up there to give it an added level of security.

  3. Hello, for me Google Drive essential for my business. Taking notes, calendar, sharing with my friend so he can access throw another computer. Very useful tool and I think everyone who wants to be organize, must have Google Drive.

    What you think, is it safe to keep inside also notes of your user names and all passwords? Is it safe? Can be hacked?

    Thank you

    • Hi Diego, yes I use enterprise as well. No, it is very secure. Google’s SSL Encryption use the large 2048bit RSA keys and SHA1 algorithms for data encryption. Would take a bit of computing power to crack this. They also use perfect forward secrecy to create new exchange keys for every new session. The only weakness is the users password. This is usually the way a hacker enters sites with this level of encryption and protection.

  4. hi there
    that is a great explanation of what Google drive is! it gives readers a good ides so they can make an informed decision on whether it’s for them or not. I personally use iCloud as all my devices are Mac but Google drive is a good alternative. And I do use Google documents at work and when 5 offices share documents, it is quite practical!

    • Hey Emily, iCloud is a very stable platform as well and works well best for Apple devices as it has the hooks built in. Thanks for the comment.

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