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What is Canva

Create awesome info graphics with just a few clicks

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Need the services of a graphic designer?
Had bad experiences with graphic designers or just don't have the moola (money) to pay for it?
Ever wondered how those flash or funny graphics that your friends post on facebook are created?
Need to create some quick, nice looking graphics for a presentation or your business?

Well Canva may be your next best friend.


What is Canva? HIKERIn short, Canva is a service that allows you to create high quality info graphics quickly and with ease. It has some base templates you can start with and build from there.

This is going to cost me isn't it?

No, the service is free. Canva makes money from selling value added services within the app like special photo's etc. The base service is free as of writing of this article. The tower ad to the right took me all of 2 minutes to create. ūüôā I love it.


I have become very addicted to this site and starting to get carried away with it. The dog has a banner, the kids, well lets not go there. Anyway, it is addictive because it is so easy to use. For your business, you can give yourself a new look easily. Create you own advertising in minutes. What ever you need to create in the way of graphics, this is the design tool for you.

Where is this service available from?

Go to, create an account and jump straight on in. It is very easy to follow. Stay tuned, I will be creating some tutorial videos showing how simple it is and will post them up. Below is and introduction video to give you a taste.

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