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Secure your WordPress sites quickly

Secure your wordpress site


WordPress can be such a god send when creating quick good looking websites with heaps of functionality. The down side is "quick" usually leaves large gaping security holes that hackers can drive Mack trucks through and setup camp in your site. Sometimes within minutes of you launching your site. Before you know it, your getting rude emails from someone saying your site gave them a virus. Yep, been there. 🙁

Secure your wordpress site quickly and effortlessly from day one.

What can I do to stop this?

Two quick and simple plugins I came across will help you secure your site quickly and easily.


Do a search and install the plugin wordfench. It is a great plugin written by a dedicated team of professionals who experienced the problems of securing a wordpress site and did something about. The unique thing about this plugin is as each new site is added to the "stable", the group as a whole gains as the software s able to share trends on attacks as they happen and quickly adapt. Not only does the software protect your site but the team put out periodic updates of trending problems to keep and eye out for. They were the ones that identify a new trend of hacks buying established plugins and using them to infiltrate sites. I cannot say enough about these heros and their software. Keep doing what your doing. There is a free verson or an extened paid version. The free version will cover most needs but give the software their dues and go for the paid version.


IP Geo Block is provides a simple method of helping to secure your site. A set of white & black lists that only allow Administrator access if your IP or Country is on a defined whitelist. Yes, you read right. It blocks admin access based on the originating country by using Geo location to identify were the login is coming from. This alone is worth the upgrading to the paid version. There are more extensions planned for the software.


These 2 plugins will help secure your wordpress site really quickly. Both are really well supported so will not fall into the "unsupport" bucket any time soon. As the Wordfence people say "Don't let a hack ruin your reputation".

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