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Motivational Books for Business

Books to teach and motivate you.


I am not much of a reader but over my time I have found some books and material that has been quite useful, inspirational and uplifting. This is the first article in a series of motivational pieces spotlighting different authors that have inspired me and helped me to look at things in different ways.

Robert Kiyosaki Bio

Robert Kiyosaki has written many books over the years on different areas of financial management as part of his "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" series. These books are entertaining and motivational giving you an insight into how he build his empire.

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad"

His very first book in the series which details his life and how he had 2 fathers, his biological father and his friends father. Both had different views on life but both equally influenced his life. He talks about how his friends father influenced his thinking towards money and his biological father influenced his thinking towards life and how the two sometimes clashed. Through his story you will see how culture and beliefs can predetermine how successful we will be financially if we let them. We have the power to change these beliefs to give a different outcome.

"Cashflow Quadrants" 

This books details and talks about the 4 financial quadrants according to Robert. The 4 quadrants being Business Owners, Investors, Employees and Self-employed. It explains each one in detail and discusses pros and cons for each. It also talks about how you can change mindsets which allows you to move from one quadrant to another. Great informational book for those looking to move from their current position and get ahead quickly.

"Rich Dad's Before You Quit Your Job: 10 Real-Life Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Building a Multimillion-Dollar Business"

This book is a gem for those who are looking to move from full time employment to self-employment/entrepreneur. It details pitfalls and "mindsets" that need to change in order to succeed using real examples to illustrate the points it is making. This is a must for those who are considering making the jump but don't quite know what needs to change and how.

 I have found each one of his books very informational, explaining in clear plain language the subject it covers. Robert Kiyosaki is no stranger to controversy. There are just as many bad reviews out there as there are good ones floating around about him. But I felt though telling his experiences, it was easy to pickup the points he is trying to make in his books. He may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there is good information in his books that keep people buying more and helps the people he is targeting, those starting out.

Personally, I enjoyed the books that I have read of his. He has released a lot of books over the last 18 years. Many of them have been best sellers. This alone should be a testament to his work. If he was writing rubbish, why are people still buying them. He has made many predictions about the financial world over the years in his books. I can't say which have come true and which haven't but I can say he allowed me to identify somethings I had not even through about and examine why I am doing them and gave me insight in areas I hadn't though about.

6 Comments on Motivational Books for Business

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad is by far the BEST book I’ve EVER read on the topic of money.

    It’s all about the assets!

    Thanks for the post!

  2. A lot of people hold the same opinion. Thanks for your comment Colton.

  3. These books seem great, I will definitely be checking some of them out.

  4. Wow what a coincidence, i keep having a friend tell me read “Rich dad Poor Dad” im always like “Ahh it can’t be great”. Really makes me want to read it now!

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