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Inspirational Sports People – Kurt Yeager

Against all odds and with disabilities some still have the ability to rise up above!!!

mybizfreestuff - Kurt Yaeger

Kurt Yeager.

Born: 3rd January 1977 (The year Star Wars first came out)
Hometown: San Francisco, USA.


mybizfreestuff - Greg the pegYou may know him as "Greg The Peg" from Sons of Anarchy but he has done so much more than that. Kurt grew up in San Francisco and become a world class pro BMX rider which lead to the nickname  "crowbar" for the over the top tricks he would pull off. It even landed him some cameo roles. During some auditions, directors would find out about his BMX skills and incorporate them in to the character.

All this was cut short one day in March of 2006 when a car cut across 2 lanes and pushed his Ducati motorcycle into a guardrail of a freeway off ramp, throwing him off the overpass and 15 meters to the ground below. His whole world changed in an instant. His leg had to be amputated, which for any BMX rider would be considered the end of the world. Once he had physically recovered he started the long journey of mentally recovering and pursued a career in acting full time, thinking his days as a pro BMX rider where over. He continued on his path to rehabilitation which took another 2 years and started auditioning again. During this time he also continued to build up is riding skills again to gain back the biggest love of his life, BMX riding. Eventually, he taught himself to ride again as an amputee and in time, he became the pinup boy for amputee sports. He had got back a professional career he thought was gone. He was not competing but would soon be and sponsors wanted him on board because of his exposure and courage helping custom build new things that would eventually help a lot of other amputees. About this time his acting career took some unexpected upswing as well, landing various parts in both movie and television productions before landing Greg the Peg in SOA.

Today he is back to competing in BMX as well spending as a lot of time doing motivational talks to both adolescence's and adults a like about his life's journey and not giving up as well as countless interviews and heaps of charity work.

In 2013, Rudimental, a drum and bass group from the UK heard about his story and wanted to incorporate it into a new song they were releasing ft Ella Eyre titled "Waiting all night". The resulting video, which he and some friends featured heavily in and even got to help with the story line. Although not exactly true to life, it still had the essence of what he went through and what he achieved to get back to where he is now. Director Nez Khammal came up with the idea and ran it past Kurt, the result is below.

Life threw Kurt a curve ball that would have sunk a lot of people, but he got back up and kept going. Today to does motivational talks competes at top level sports, owns and runs companies and still rides BMX, competing in the X-Games.

Kurt is a great motivation for us all providing a story about not giving up and to keep on trying. We can be our own worst enemy when the chips are down. Thanks Kurt for showing us how to beat the odds.

If you want to read more you can start here at his wiki page.

This video tells his full story.

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