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How to set up a Gmail Account

Getting a new Gmail account is dead simple. Just follow my lead.


I have been asked more than a few times, how to set up a gmail account, so I have decided to document it here.

What is Gmail.

Gmail is a service by Google that offers email services under the domain. You can choose any name, (if it hasn't already been taken) and use it as your own email address. If you have your own domain, Google can host it for a fee and you can manage and use it from Gmail. Your Gmail login is your access to other Google services as well, which you may use in the future.

This is a simple step by step instruction guild to setting up Gmail.

Gmail step 1The process is quite simple and will not take you long.

Step 1.

Go to and click on "Create an Account"

Step 2.

You will be presented with a screen asking for your personal details. Fill out all details as best you can including your mobile number if available. This will provide Google with more information which can be used to make your account more secure. Information like your mobile number, mothers maiden name etc can be used to validate you later and to make sure no one else has hijacked your account. Once complete click "Next Step".

Step 3.

Google PlusYou will be asked if you want to create a Google+ profile as well. Google+ is a social media sharing platform that allows you connect and share information, pictures and videos with friends, family and groups of people as well as having your own personal Google drive. If your not sure, just accept it anyway. It will remain dormant until you are ready to use it. Having a Google+ profile will allow you access to other Google services including Blogs and Social media groups as well.

At this stage, you can also add a photograph of yourself or a picture you want to represent yourself in your profile. Click "Add a Photo" and follow the instructions. Don't worry if you haven't got one right now. You have the ability to add/change this later.

Once you are happy click "Create your profile".

Step 4.

Once created, Gmail will take you on a guided tour on using the Gmail email interface and complete the profile collection at the same time.

Step 5.

Once you have stepped through the guided tour, you will be presented with the collection of more information.

GMail setup details

You can change the look and feel of your Gmail account to better suit you. This is known as customizing. Click on "Choose a theme".

You can take a full guided tour by clicking on "Learn how to use Gmail".

If you have a contacts or emails from another mail app or email service you have been using, you can import the details into Gmail and continue to use them. Click on "import contact and mail".

If you want to setup Gmail on your Android, iPhone, iPad or any other mobile device, click on "Get mail for mobile" and follow the instructions.

You can also update you profile image here if you want to.

A few things to take note of in Gmail.

- You have 15GB of storage available to across all Google services.

- You can purchase more if you need it.

- To create an email click "Compose".

- You Gmail profile is used to access other service in Google that you may want to use.

If all these words are to much, here is a video that explains all these words.

2 Comments on How to set up a Gmail Account

  1. While reading your article about how to set up a gmail account it dawned on me that you said your gmail login access your google accounts. This info is what I had missed when I first set up my gmail account. There is lots of people who don’t know this. Very informative.


    • Hi Makus, yes, the single login allow access to all other Google services making it easier to access them. Thanks for reading.

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