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How do I set up a Business Page on Facebook

Setting up a Business Page on Facebook is easy.


There is no doubting, Facebook and Google have changed the landscape of social communication around the world and for this generation and generations to come. With over 1 billion users world wide, Facebook reaches over 1/6 of the worlds population.
For business, and your business, this is an huge potential client base just waiting to be tapped into. But, how do I set up a business page on Facebook I hear you ask!!! Just follow me.

Setting up your page

1. First of all log into your Facebook account and get to your home page. This assumes you already have a Facebook account. If you don't then just go to and signup for one. It's free.

2. Check to see if there is already someone else using the page name you want to use.

Do this by clicking in the search box at the top of the screen and enter the name you want. It will show you all the possible pages that use the details you have entered. If it is in use, you will have to try another name. If not you can proceed.


Create Facebook Page 


 3. Once you have found that name you are going to set up under and it isn't in use, click on the setup  menu in Facebook and "Create Page". This will start the create page dialog.





4. Select the type of business you are promoting. There 6 main types, just click on the one that is closest to what you are after.





5.  Fill in the details about your business and click "Get  Started".

 This is the details that Facebook will use to populate your  page about your business so make it as accurate as possible.  Facebook will do things like take the address and try to  locate and display it using maps etc so that customers can find you easier.


Facebook dialog 6.  The Facebook dialog is a 4 step process that will ask you to fill in "About" details for your business. Make this as accurate as possible as this will be used to enter your business in to the search engines like Google and Bing.

The more accurate the information, the better the ranking in Google. 

You will also be asked for a profile picture. This can be any sort of picture or logo of your business.

You will then be asked to "add to favorites". Click yes. This will add it to your sidebar.

"Preferred page audience" refers to who you would like this page targeted at. It is used for advertising and understanding who is your target audience for this page.

Double check the information and your just about ready to go.

Once you click "Save" the page will be generated and prompts will show over the page that you can follow to customize the page even more. You can also link it to your website if you have one with the action button in the header.

If all this seems you much or your more a video type of person, as most of us are, here is a video tutorial which takes you through the steps.



Well I hope this has helped you to get your business Facebook page up and running easily.




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