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Auckland City from Mt Eden


This site is dedicated to building a community of small business people that can share tips, tools and general tips about building a small business.

Let me introduce myself. My Name is Steven Schmidt and I have been in the IT business for many years. (To many to think of) I started my own small business about 15 years ago and worked for different companies both full time and under contract. During this time, I have fallen over, lost a few teeth, gone bald because of worry, grown my hair back, gone bald through worry again, developed a heart condition. Some my say this is par for course when you want to be your own boss.

I don't believe that is the way it should be. By sharing experiences, knowing where to find tools to make the job easier and being around like minded people will mean your mistake doesn't happen over and over again.


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  1. Oh, by the way, Welcome. 🙂

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