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Download Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office 365 for Free


Microsoft Office is the popular office suite of desktop applications which include Word for word processing, Excel for spread sheeting, PowerPoint for presentations, Outlook for email and communications, Access for database development as well as a few other applications.
Now Microsoft have released an online version of Office which is available for free. (Also known as Office 365)

It has exactly the same functionality as previous versions that were installed via CD or disk but you can only save files to the one-drive cloud drive you receive when you signup for office online. More about one-drive a little bit later on.

You can also Download Microsoft Office Online as a paid version which extends the free online version to run from your desktop and does not require an internet connection to be used. All files can be saved files locally to your computer and also to you cloud drive. You will need to purchase a key from your local stationary, computer store or online to unlock the functionality. It is free for students who can get one via their school which I will discuss a bit further on.

The suite is also available for trial download which means you can use the full version for free for one month at which point you will need a license. (The software will only access in read only mode.)

Download is available from here.

Check the version you require as there are a few options to choose from.

As mentioned previously, Microsoft run an education program for schools. If you are a student check with your school as Microsoft have free keys for students as part of their school education program and if your school has signed up for it then you are eligible for a key via your school. This can be used both at school and at home.

Moving all services online is the strategy Microsoft is now adopting and will be the only way to get Microsoft Office in the future. More Microsoft services services will be moving online.

All versions interface directly with Microsoft's version of cloud storage called One Drive. One Drive is in essence, an online hard drive where you can store your files locally and the will be replicated to your own person cloud-drive on the internet. If your computer dies on you, your files will be still available via the cloud drive so no loss of data.

 There are full tutorial videos and information for both Microsoft Office and cloud drive available below.

More information and tutorials are available here for OneDrive.

This video explains a bit more about Office 365 online.

Google also have a free Office service as well which is the subject of another post that can be viewed soon. Google also have Google drive which is also a cloud drive service. 

I will also do a piece on comparing the 2 services at a later date.

Well I hope this piece was of value to you. If you would like to add to contribute to this post just use the comments box at the bottom.

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