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Creating Successful Social Media Campaigns

Get those signups!!!

Social Media

Doesn't matter what reason you are running a social media campaign for, creating successful social media campaigns are all the same. Weather it is to get more customers for your business or to get more people joining your sports club, the ultimate goal is to build a list of contacts you know are interested in your business or club. There are 4 things you need to take into account to gain those precious likes and signups.

1. Choose the right type of campaign.

Think about the audience you are trying to reach. Would a competition go well with a prize or would some sort of incentive scheme go better. Some type of campaign's you might consider are:

- Random draw sweepstakes. Got to be in to win. This will get you contact details are each person. 

- Instant prize draw.  Customer supplies details and is then told instantly if they have won something.

- Incentive prize(s). Use your existing customers to gain more. Offer an incentive(s) for them to bring others in.

- Vote selection. Put up some sort of poll and provide a way for the customer to register and vote.

- Quiz. This is along the same lines as option one and works well for clubs.

Think about the experience the customer will have during this time. You want it to be positive. Encourage them to pass it on to their contacts. This is known as "Influencer marketing" and is the best way to pickup even more.

2. Promote your campaign.

Ways to engage can be as simple as a flyer or poster at the bar of your club or business. A email-out to existing clients. Social media channels also offer a cost effective alternative and it can be tracked.

Facebook can "promote" your page to a desired section of the Facebook community. This can be done using Facebook ad manager at a very good price.

3. Offer the right prize or incentive

If you are running a signup for a fishing club, naturally you want to offer some sort of fishing prize. Not much use offing a Day spa to someone who comes home covered in fish. 🙂  A signup for a rugby club, how about a couple of tickets to a representative game coming up soon. A clothing store, free jacket off the rack. Fishing club, perhaps a tackle box.

You get my drift, keep it aligned with who you are trying to reach.

4. Keep data collection to a minimum.

Gone are the days of collecting screens and screens of information about the customer. Make your forms minimal. One thing that will turn people off very quickly is having to fill out a lot of information. Start off with just collecting name & email address. If you require more information look to collect it by other ways once you have the signup.

One other thing to remember. Mobile internet ... this is becoming more and more common as a form of access to social media so were you can, make sure you cater for mobile access as well.

Good luck.


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