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How to Build a Website from WordPress

April 20, 2015 // 2 Comments

Ever wondered how to build a website from WordPress. Maybe you need to build a website for your business, your family or your school. You can't go past WordPress for [...]

How do you buy a domain name

April 18, 2015 // 20 Comments

I think the first question that you need to ask is why do I need to buy a domain name? The answer to that is an easy. With the reach of the internet today, every business [...]

What is SEO about

April 6, 2015 // 22 Comments

What is SEO about? Now, that is a big question. In essence, it is the metrics by which search engines such as Google and Bing use to rate and rank sites. SEO stands for [...]

What is Google Space

April 4, 2015 // 9 Comments

What is Google Space? Not really a business function, but because I found it so blinkin interesting when I came across it while working on other Google articles I thought, [...]

What is Google Play Store

April 4, 2015 // 11 Comments

What is Google Play Store Initially released on 22 October 2008, Google Play Store has become the quintessential home of available apps for the Android Operating System. [...]

What is Google Drive About

April 3, 2015 // 10 Comments

What is Google drive about? This is an introduction which will explain this for you. Google drive is Google's answer to cloud storage. If allows you to store and access files [...]

How To Create Your Own Website Free

April 1, 2015 // 57 Comments

I want free website building and hosting for my business. I want to be able to create my own website and host it for free with out any hassles I hear you say. Wouldn't [...]

How to set up a Gmail Account

April 1, 2015 // 7 Comments

I have been asked more than a few times, how to set up a gmail account, so I have decided to document it here. What is Gmail. Gmail is a service by Google that offers email [...]

Sleep Phase Alarm Clocks

March 31, 2015 // 11 Comments

Part 2 - Continuation from - Why do I feel tired all the time As small business owners, we deprive ourselves of sleep more often than not. When you only run on a few hours [...]

What is Mailchimp

March 24, 2015 // 10 Comments

Sometimes you come across that little something on the internet that gives you a wow moment and just makes your job a whole lot easier. You wonder "where have you been all my [...]
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