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A little bit about why this site exists.

My name is Steven Schmidt and I have worked in the IT industry since leaving school. (Which was quite a few years ago. 🙂 ) I have been part of management teams that have managed ATM networks for banks, core networks for internet providers, a software developer, operations manager and other area's of IT over my years in the industry.

A couple of years ago, my world was turned upside down when series of "life's curve balls" thrown our way. Cancer and heart problems ruled our world all of a sudden.

Our business, our personal life, everything was affected.

Fortunately the health problems have been sorted but unfortunately I have had to start again with everything. Rebuild from the ground up. This included all the tips and tricks and the way I did some things. The world had moved on pretty quickly during this time.

I decided I needed to keep track of this "rebuild", to document it if you will, the tips and tricks, the advice etc so decided to share them with the world at the same time. I felt that if this could help anyone else who may have been through, going through or sometime in the future, go through what I've already been through then it would be worth it. I then though why don't we all share our tips and tricks? contributing to the success of each other.

So this is how the community myBizFreeStuff was born. If this helps even one person get back on their feet or to increase their position then it will have fulfilled its job.

Enjoy. That's what life is about.